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Climbing Cube

The mobile high rope course for events

This thrilling high rope course, which has to be completed sequentially, consists of six different stations for up to five participants at a time. Courage, balance and good movement abilities are required by all participants. The CLIMBING CUBE is supervised by four experienced, responsible team leaders. On top of that, it provides a huge advertising space in the form of banners or flags in XXL format.

The safety of the participants ensues from two independent systems (2 way secure system) and thus meets highest safety standards. Periodic TÜV tests and a construction ledger with valid model approval are a matter of course for us.

Hint: Combine the Climbing Cube with our kid’s high rope course. The Kids Cube perfectly fits into the inner open space of the high rope course for adolescents and adults.

Book Europe’s safest mobile high rope course!

Please note: All of Xtreme‘s climbing and playing devices with a height of more than five meters have a current TÜV certificate and a construction ledger according to EN 13814 (DIN 4112). Safety and quality have top priority for Xtreme. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with our competitors (please ask for TÜV and construction ledger). A construction ledger with model approval is obligatory for mobile constructions and also for inflatable playing devices with climbing or playing areas of more than five meters height.

Technical and organizational facts
  • Price with service: Price on demand
  • Required space: 12 x 12m, height 10m (Installation height 18m)
  • Supervision: 4 persons
  • Running time: 6 hours per day
  • Recommended minimum age: 12 years
  • Maximum weight: 95kg
  • TÜV certificate: Aktuelles TÜV Gutachten & Baubuch vorhanden!
  • Additional information: For setup/dismantling access must be granted for a motor truck (7,5 tons) and a mobile crane (30 tons)
  • Optionally: Additional staff for a continiuous operation
If you have any questions, feel free to check our FAQ