The wind tunnel with 180 km/h

Still Europe’s only mobi­le free fall simu­la­tor, which does exact­ly what it pro­mi­ses!
Towards the sky in an 180 km/h air­flow! With the Air Power, par­ti­ci­pants expe­ri­ence the uni­que fee­ling of a free fall. A trai­ner, an air cushion and a net ensu­re the safe­ty above the roaring engi­ne.

Spe­cia­lists for true alti­tu­de flights used the wind tun­nel first and parachu­tists prac­tice the “sta­ble x posi­ti­on”, named after the same float posi­ti­on. This spe­cial flight expe­ri­ence is a top visi­tor attrac­tion, becau­se who would not like to expe­ri­ence a free fall… With Air Power, this works even without jum­ping out of a pla­ne! 12 to 15 peop­le per hour can test the Air Power.
Rent this voci­fe­rous action high­light for your event! The par­ti­ci­pants and spec­ta­tors will be enthu­si­astic like­wi­se.

With the Air Power, you expe­ri­ence the uni­que fee­ling of a free fall, just like a parachu­tist on an 180 km/h air­flow. The modu­le is seven meters high and has a dia­me­ter of 10 meters. Becau­se safe­ty is our top prio­ri­ty, the­re is a trai­ner bes­i­des the air cushion and net, who inst­ructs and super­vi­ses par­ti­ci­pants throug­hout the fall in the Air Power are­na. The wind tun­nel is che­cked regu­lar­ly by the Ger­man Asso­cia­ti­on for Tech­ni­cal Inspec­tion (TÜV).

Here you can find some bran­ding pos­si­bi­li­ties Air Power Bran­dings.

  • Preis mit Service ab: € 5.600,00 zzgl. MwSt. / € 6.664,00 inkl. MwSt.
  • Required space : diameter: 10m, height: 7m
  • Power supply : 380V / 16A or 380V / 32A, 5KW
  • Volume : 75- 90 db (A)
  • Module weight : 8.000 KG KG
  • Supervision : 3 persons
  • Running time : 6 hours per day
  • Time for setup/dismantling : 3 - 4 hours
  • Recommended minimum age : 14 years
  • Maximum weight : 95 kg
  • Maximum size : 1,90 m
  • TÜV certificate : Aktuelles TÜV Gutachten & Baubuch vorhanden!
  • Additional information : plain surface is needed, free of branches/electricity pylons; note that access is needed for 2 motor trucks (7,5 tons)
  • Optionally : Moderation with moderation system e.g. for an hourly drawing of participants (= no queues)
  • Module branding 1: banner circulating the outer cladding, length: 27,6m x height: 1,65m
  • Module branding 2 : banner in the nets, inside/outside, 1 to 8 pieces each with max. length: 2,50m x height: 0,80m
  • Module branding 3 : Patches for jump suit, chest 0,4m x 0,4m / back 0,5m x 0,5m
  • Module branding 4 : New production of the air bags possible, with complete branding

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