Curling without ice? We make it possible!

Cur­ling on our cour­se made from plastic ice, a spe­ci­al­ly desi­gned plastic with almost simi­lar attri­bu­tes as real ice. Neit­her coo­ling nor elec­tri­ci­ty is nee­ded. The sup­porting con­struc­tion com­pen­sa­tes minor bumps. Fur­ther­mo­re, the mas­si­ve boards keep the cur­ling stones on the track.

Two to eight play­ers can par­ti­ci­pa­te per round and eight cur­ling stones for adults, four light stones for kids as well as exten­si­ve play­ing rules are inclu­ded in the packa­ge. App­li­ca­ble all year long, it doesn’t mat­ter whe­ther sum­mer or win­ter. Sui­ta­ble indoors and out­doors as well as for adults and child­ren!

Our cur­ling tracks are 13 meters long, if you do not have qui­te as much space so the cour­ses can also be shor­ten­ed. An Xtre­me employee super­vi­ses the cour­se and pro­vi­des tips. We would also love to con­duct a com­pe­ti­ti­on and iden­ti­fy the best par­ti­ci­pant of the day. For an even hig­her through­put it is also pos­si­ble to have two cour­ses or more next to each other.

In addi­ti­on to the ice stones for adults, we now also pro­vi­de light children’s curls. The cur­ling fun is gua­ran­teed for young and old.

  • Preis mit Service ab: € 745,00 zzgl. MwSt. / € 886,55 inkl. MwSt.
  • Required space : 13 x 2,2m or shorter
  • Supervision : 1 person
  • Running time : 6 hours per day
  • Time for setup/dismantling : 1 hour
  • Additional information : Plain, horizontal surface. Only possible by ground-level delivery or a goods elevator. Two strong persons are required (short-term) for setup and dismantling, optionally you can book a further Xtreme employee. Attention, no liability for any flooring damage.
  • Optionally : Highscore on large screen, winner’s rostrum, moderation & moderation system

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