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Cash Box

Rent cash box lottery action

Our first-class whirlwind box with an exclusive stainless steel design. The participants enter the futuristic, oval capsule and try to catch the flying vouchers, tickets or lottery tickets. The prize can also be determined according to the amount of tickets caught. The participant’s time is adjustable from 10 to 60 seconds.

The paper of the tickets should have a weight of 80 to 100 g/sqm, a business card or bank note size is possible.

Do you want your actors to catch little coloured balls instead of paper bank notes? Please ask for our BINGO BOX.

Whether CASH BOX or BINGO BOX – both promotions are highly appealing and have a unique design.

Here are some branding examples of the cash box.

Technical and organizational facts
  • Price without service: Price on demand
  • Price with service: Price on demand
  • Required space: 1,3 x 1,5m, height 2,5m
  • Power supply: 230 V / 16 A
  • Supervision: 1 person
  • Running time: 6 hours per day
  • Optionally: Highscore on large screen, moderation & moderation system
  • Module branding 1: Sticker (easily removable) on the frame of the cash box (not on the glass)
  • Module branding 2: The transparent rear window can be changed for a full-surface printed plate (inside and outside printable)
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